Googling Yourself for Googlesake!

Now again, I have to advise everyone that I an 75 years young and am just starting to get the hang of Google, Googling or being Googled.  My has the world changed with advertising — back in the day all you had to do was have an ad in in the yellow pages in your local phone book.  Now, if you are not on Google you can say goodbye to your business.  Have you Ever Googled Yourself in Private and Been Caught? This Guy did and now He’s In Jail

Oh Google….that magical, mysterious website that can tell you just about anything about anything, anyone, anywhere.  How does it know?  Where does it get all that information?  Who the heck has the time to put it all out there?  Let’s just say that there are too many questions about it to try and figure it out in just one bail bond blog post.  That being said, there is one thing that is sort of fun to do with Google…and that is of course Google yourself.

Now don’t be embarrassed about it…every one Googles themselves now and again — especially to see if there are any recent images of yourself. Some do it privately and some do it publicly, but at the end of the day everyone does it. In fact, anyone who tells you that they don’t Google themselves is telling a fib.  Period!
Last week, a California man was googling himself in the privacy of his own home and got caught.  Now don’t get us wrong, no one walked in on him while he was googling himself, but rather, he discovered something about himself that only Googling himself would reveal.  According to Google, this man was on a “Most Wanted” list.  Apparently, last year he was involved in an incident where he fired a gun into the air several times.  It wasn’t until he was googling himself that he discovered he was a wanted man.

Embarrassed and probably a little dehydrated from all the Googling, the man sucked up the courage and turned himself in.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Jail Happened To This Guy After He Googled Himself

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