Spring Begins and Bail Bonds

Happy Spring!  So far it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful one.  Enjoy the weather we are having because summer will be here before we know it.  

Bail Bonds v. Pretrial Release

I will tell you what’s right with making people post bail: Unfortunately, this article doesn’t touch on the important facts about bail: 1) NO COST TO THE TAXPAYERS 2) ENSURES PUBLIC SAFETY 3) RISK: IF THEY DON’T SHOW UP AND WE CANNOT FIND THEM, WE HAVE TO PAY THE COURT. Either way you look at this,...

Bail Bonds & Green Beer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  May the luck of the Irish be bestowed on you and you find your pot of gold!  Don’t forget to enjoy a green beer or two.  

Bail Bonds & Celebrity Chefs

This is an annual event in Auburn that has taken place for the past 29 years!  It’s a great fundraiser with culinary delights to sample and enjoy.  I hope everyone can take the time to attend and support our community.