Online Bail Bonds for Fast and Convenient Service

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Today, use of the Internet has provided more convenience and possibilities than many had imagined just a few decades ago. Your favorite lunch or dinner can be delivered to your door within minutes after ordering on your phone. Groceries and household supplies arrive after just a few clicks, or even automatically if you set up subscriptions. Online bail bonds can be a great way to bail someone out of jail without even leaving your home, just be sure to work with a licensed bail agency that you trust!

Frank Calabretta’s Bail House Bail Bonds has been serving Placer County and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. Outstanding customer service has brought about dozens of 5-star reviews on Google. Aaron Z says, “I highly recommend Frank. I never thought I would get a call at 2 a.m. to bail my friend out of jail, and I lived out of state but was able to take care of everything over the phone with my credit card. He made the process fast, easy and was extremely professional.”

Bail Bonds Online or Over the Phone

Our professional and courteous bail agents are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. In order to best serve our community, we are open on all holidays! If you reach out to us using our online bail bond contact form one of our bondsmen will email you back, even at an odd hour of the night. Call us 24/7 at (530) 823-8340 and we can process your bail bond application completely over the phone!

At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House Bail Bonds, we have the capability to accept secure payments from any major credit card. There’s no need to leave your home late at night or if you simply prefer to stay home. If you’d also like to visit our bail bond office, we are conveniently located on Atwood Road, directly across from the Auburn jail.

Information Needed to Process a Bail Bond

When you speak to one of our licensed bail bond agents they will need a few pieces of information to secure the release of someone who has been arrested. As long as there are no federal holds on the detainee and they are found to have little-to-no risk of failing to appear at court dates, a bail bond offer will be made. It is helpful to gather some details before reaching out, such as:

  • Where the detainee is being held
  • How long they have been there
  • What are the charges
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We know that it can be a confusing and emotional time when you or someone you know has been arrested. It’s important to understand the bail process and what can happen if you post bail for someone and they don’t show up for their appointed court hearings. Visit our page “How does bail work in California” to learn more about the process and contact us if you have any questions!

Locally Established with a National Reach

Frank Calabretta’s Bail House is able to serve online bail bonds at the national level in the United States of America. Being able to bail a friend or family member out of jail no matter where they (or you) are can be very helpful at times. We also have a brick-and-mortar office that is located directly across from the Placer County jail in Auburn, California if you want to speak in person. Well established, Frank Calabretta’s Bail House is proud to be the oldest bail bond company in Placer County.

Call or message Frank Calabretta’s Bail House for a reputable, confidential, and convenient online bail bonds company. We work around-the-clock to get your loved one out of jail fast!