Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today let’s be thankful for our many blessings, big and small.  Today I am thankful for living in beautiful Placer County.

November 27, 2014November 27, 2014by

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day and don’t forget to thank a veteran for your freedom.  Thank you to all who serve in the military but especially this young woman, Chelsea Zimmerman, niece to bail agent, Melissa Zimmerman.  Chelsea joined the Army Reserves this year and was accepted in to the Army ROTC program.  Smart, smart young woman...

November 11, 2014November 11, 2014by

Election Day and Bail Bonds

Today is election day and don’t forget to vote!  It’s your right!  Especially vote “NO” on proposition 47.  This proposition would be harmful to public safety and lesson the convictions on serious crimes.    AB109 is not working in California and this proposition would only add to the many problems — financially and criminally that...

November 5, 2014November 11, 2021by

Happy Birthday Bail Agent Melissa Zimmerman

Happy Birthday to the best bail agent ever!  Melissa Zimmerman!  You have made this business  what it is today, and I thank you for over 28 years of dedicated bail bond service. Here’s to another 28 + years of writing bail in Placer and Nevada Counties.

November 1, 2014November 1, 2014by