Make Informed Decisions Navigating a DUI Charge

Facing a DUI charge is an experience no one wants to go through, but it’s important to stay composed and take the right steps to protect both your rights and your future. At Frank Calabretta’s Placer Bail House in Auburn, California, we understand the challenges that come with DUI charges, and we want to help you understand them too by outlining three essential things you should do when faced with a DUI charge.

From understanding DUI checkpoints and the importance of a DUI attorney, to the details of potential jail time and the specifics related to DUI first offenses in California, we’ll provide you with all the essential information you need.

Be Mindful of DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints are a common tool used by law enforcement to identify and apprehend impaired drivers. If you find yourself at a DUI checkpoint, remember these key points:

  1. Remain Calm and Cooperative – Stay calm and follow the instructions of the officers. Being confrontational or uncooperative can complicate the situation.
  2. Know Your Rights – While sobriety checkpoints are legal, you still have rights. You have the right to remain silent and to decline a roadside sobriety test. However, refusing a field sobriety test will often lead to officers arresting you (if they suspect you’re driving under the influence) and taking you into the station for a blood or breathalyzer test.
  3. Document the Stop – Whenever possible, take note of the details surrounding the checkpoint stop, including the time, location, and any unusual or inappropriate behavior by law enforcement. This information could be valuable later if you decide to contest the charges.

Set Up a Consultation with a DUI Attorney

One of the best steps you can take when facing a DUI charge is to consult with an experienced DUI attorney. They are specially trained to provide you with: 

  • Legal Expertise – A DUI attorney understands the complexities of DUI cases, including the nuances of state laws and potential defenses.
  • Case Evaluation – An attorney can assess the specifics of your case, such as the legality of the traffic stop, the accuracy of sobriety tests, and any potential violations of your rights.
  • Defense Strategies – With their knowledge and experience, a DUI attorney can build a robust defense strategy tailored to your case, potentially reducing the charges against you and/or obtaining a favorable outcome.

Understand DUI Jailtime and First Offense Consequences in California

Facing the prospect of DUI jailtime can be concerning when someone finds themselves charged with driving under the influence. In California, the consequences for a first-time DUI offense may include any combination of the following:

  1. DUI Jailtime – A first DUI offense in California can result in a jail sentence ranging from 48 hours to six months. Alternative sentencing options, such as community service or house arrest, may be available in some cases.
  2. Fines and Fees – DUI convictions typically come with hefty fines, court fees, and expenses related to DUI education programs.
  3. License Suspension – A first-time DUI offense may lead to a six-month license suspension. However, you might be eligible for a restricted license for essential purposes like work or school.

Frank Calabretta’s Bail House is Here to Help!

Facing a DUI charge is emotionally and logistically challenging, but by staying informed and taking proactive steps to help yourself, you can navigate the legal process more effectively. At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House in Auburn, we are committed to helping defendants and their families through the bail process. 

Remember to stay calm during DUI checkpoints, consult with a DUI attorney, and fully understand the potential consequences, including jail time, for a DUI offense in California. At Frank Calabretta’s, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can reach us by calling (530) 823–8340 anytime.