Placer County Jail Survival Guide for 2022

prisoners playing chess behind bars

While you may not think it will happen to you, it’s easier than you think to suddenly find yourself a Placer County inmate. There are over 10 million arrests in the US each year, which means there are many people in jail waiting for their court date or to post bail. 

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Jail can be a rough place for many people. Every gathering of people has its rules and ways to act, and so too does jail. Follow these eight simple tips to keep your head down and your guard so your time in jail passes smoothly. 

1. Show respect

If you give it, you’ll get it. This goes for fellow inmates and prison officers. Be polite, firm, and don’t pick fights. Don’t anger the wrong people, as both prisoners and guards can make an already challenging time worse. It’s best to avoid trouble when and how you can. 

2. Stay cooperative

You’ll want to pick your battles and pick them carefully. Learn the rules quickly and stick to them. Being cooperative can help you with your hearing. What will work against you is causing trouble with inmates and making more work for the guards. If you cause enough trouble, this could even lead to additional charges. 

3. Don’t talk about your charges

People only care about what you were charged with, not how you got those charges. Rarely will those around you in jail take the time to consider your side of the story. Keep the details of your charges to yourself. 

People also like to get ahead by trading any details they can for a lesser charge, so what you say can get you into even deeper trouble. 

4. Don’t snitch

This might sound like a TV cliche, but it’s true. It doesn’t matter what or who you see, don’t say anything to anybody. There are a lot of unspoken rules and expectations behind bars that will take time for you to learn. 

5. Stay active

It’s easy to fall into a funk of depression when you’re stuck behind bars, but don’t let that get to you. Keep your body moving, especially outdoors where there’s fresh air. Use workout equipment when you can to keep your mind and body in decent shape. 

6. Eat well

It’s difficult to eat healthily in prison, but it can be done. A lot of prison food is heavy in carbohydrates and fats (because they’re cheap). Try to go for the fresh foods when you can and limit how much of the starchy, fatty foods you eat.

7. Stay positive

Hang in there. Many people from many backgrounds have been in your situation, and they’ve gotten through it. You’ll be out soon, especially with anytime bail bonds from Frank Calabretta’s Bail House. 

8. Work with the best

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