Affordable Bail Bonds – What to Expect

man paying for bail bond over the phone with credit card

When you need to get yourself or a loved one out of jail, having cash to pay for a bail bond is not something you want to be concerned with. Time is precious and no one wants to wait around in jail figuring out funds for bail. At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House we offer affordable bail bonds 24/7 in Placer County, California, and Nationwide. Several payment options are available, including any major credit card which can be processed over the phone. We also accept personal checks, cash, or money orders.

Cost of a Bail Bond

Depending on your region, there are laws that govern certain aspects of the bail process. Some laws set limits for the cost of a bail bond. Regulation of the bail bond industry has come from the Department of Insurance since the Bail Bond Regulatory Act in 1937. In California, the current cost of a bail bond is limited to 10% of the total bail amount.

Some states in the USA have similar bail bond cost standards while other states do not specify a maximum. It is a good idea to be aware of your state’s bail bond laws. If a bail agency is asking for a fee that’s more than the local regulations allow, you’ll want to avoid partnering with them.

How the Bail System Works

Bail bonds function similarly to personal loans. After putting down a small percentage (bond) of the full loan (bail) amount, a bail agent lets you “borrow” the rest of the money needed to fulfill your bail. This borrowed money doesn’t directly pass through your hands, or checkbook, rather the bail agent posts bail to the court on behalf of the defendant.

For these services, the bail bond company will require a small portion of the total bail bond cost. Learn more about Bail vs. Bond on our Roseville blog.

Once the defendant completes all of their related court appearances the bail money can be released. The bail agent gets back the funds they posted and the person who was arrested is no longer subject to relinquishing any collateral or payment for bail.

The bail company keeps the bail fee, a small percentage of the bond. The court may also keep a small amount for administrative or other fees. Fortunately, bail is released no matter the verdict: innocent or guilty!

A Small Price to Pay for Freedom

Since the bail bond agent is taking on financial risk, which could be quite substantial, collateral from the defendant or their family may be required to secure the loan.

A bail bond agent may:

  • Ask for collateral to secure your bond, money or assets
  • Remind the defendant of court dates by calling before each hearing
  • Require periodic check-ins at the bail bond office

Affording to Post Bail

The full bail amount can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars depending on the defendant’s circumstances. Thankfully there’s no need to pay the full bail amount when you work with a licensed bail bond agency like Frank Calabretta’s Bail House! Avoid what may seem like an overwhelming financial burden by working with a reputable bail bond agent to put down a small percentage of the full bail amount.

Dependable Bail Bond Agents

It’s important to know the legal and financial implications of signing for a bail bond. This is why our experienced bail bond agents at Frank Calabretta’s Bail House are happy to answer all of your bail bond questions. Call us anytime at (530) 823-8340 to get started with your bail bond right away. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year and can process the transaction over the phone using any major credit card.

Frank Calabretta’s Bail House is proud to be the oldest bail bonds company in Placer County. Providing quality service for over 40 years, dozens of community members have posted 5-star reviews online. When you or your loved one needs to be released from jail fast, call Frank Calabretta’s Bail House! We serve residents in Placer County, Nevada County, Sacramento County, El Dorado County, California, and Nationwide.

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