6 Actions that Could Put You Back in Jail, While out on Bail

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Avoiding Jail after you’ve Posted Bail

Spending time in jail isn’t fun, to say the least, but thankfully the bail system allows for individuals to be released and await trial in the comfort of their own home. Having the ability to get a good night’s sleep in your own room, be comforted by friends and family, and supported by an attorney is crucial to reducing your stress at this time.

You’ll want to be sure to avoid these six actions that could land you back in jail – even after you’ve posted a bail bond.


1. Traveling without Permission

While defendants are usually allowed to travel within the state while out on bail, you will need to obtain written permission from the court and bail agent. Out-of-state travel may be allowed by the court. However, depending on the case and bail bond amount, the bailbondsman may restrict traveling outside of the state.

People who are out of jail on bail are generally never allowed to travel outside the country. Even if the flight risk isn’t high, an array of situations such as flight delays could keep you from showing up to your court date on time.

2. Quitting your Job

Quitting your job while out on bail is something that the court and your bail bond agent will notice. Part of beng eligible for bail is a minimal flight risk. If you quit your job, especially if it’s one you’ve had for years, this may signal that you are cutting ties to the community which increases your flight risk.

3. Visiting Certain Friends

It’s best to avoid certain people while out on bail, as they may have a negative influence on your behavior. You will especially want to avoid anyone that was involved in the situation of which you are accused of committing a crime. In fact, the court will more than often specifically prohibit you from being in contact with these individuals.

Of course, avoid anyone who has a restraining or no-contact order against you. Even if the accusations are unfounded, going against these requirements could very well put you back in jail. Additionally, choosing to go against a court order doesn’t look good at your future trial.

4. Consuming Alcohol

Consuming alcohol while out on bail can lead to behavior that you may regret, including being arrested for a new offense. Avoiding alcohol is especially important if your arrest was related to the use of alcohol, such as a DUI or assault.

In fact, the court and bail house that you signed a contract with may specifically prohibit the consumption of alcohol while you await trial. During this time, anything seen as negative behavior can allow the court to revoke your bail.

5. Ignoring your Bail Bond Co-Signer

If you have a cosigner, they should be checking in on you and have up-to-date information about your whereabouts as part of your bail bond agreement. While it can seem inconvenient and juvenile to respond to someone who wants to know what’s going on, this is much better than sitting in jail!

6. Getting Arrested for a new Offense 

While it may be obvious, getting arrested for a new offense is one surefire way to find yourself back in jail after posting bail. Be sure to avoid situations, places, and people that may influence your actions in a negative way.


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