What are Bailable and Non-Bailable Offenses?

The distinction between bailable and non-bailable offenses is something many people don’t think about until they or someone they love is arrested. For these individuals facing legal troubles or those supporting friends or family members in such situations, comprehending the difference between these two types of offenses can significantly impact the process of securing release from custody. 

At Frank Calabretta’s Placer Bail House, we specialize in providing the assistance you need during challenging times as well as offering proactive insights into bail bonds and the nuances of legal proceedings. Today, we’ll help you understand the key differences between bailable and non-bailable offenses and explain how they influence the bail process.

The Basics of Bail

Before jumping straight into classification of various offenses, it’s important to understand the concept of bail itself. Bail serves as a financial guarantee that is provided by the accused in order to secure temporary release from custody (jail) while awaiting trial. It enables individuals to continue living their daily lives, fulfill work and family responsibilities, and coordinate with legal counsel effectively before their trial begins.

What are Bailable Offenses?

Bailable offenses refers to crimes for which the accused can obtain release by posting bail. In these cases, the court sets a predetermined bail amount based on various factors, including the severity of the offense and the defendant’s criminal history and  flight risk. Common examples of bailable offenses in California include minor misdemeanors, such as simple assault, petty theft, and certain, less serious traffic violations.

When facing a bailable offense, individuals can seek assistance from reputable bail bond companies like Frank Calabretta’s Bail House here in Auburn, California. Our team specializes in providing 24-hour bail bonds, so you can receive prompt and efficient support regardless of the time of day or night or whether you’re reaching out on a holiday or weekend. By partnering with a bail bondsman near you, navigating the bail process becomes more manageable, and you can have peace of mind during what is typically a very challenging circumstance.

What are Non-Bailable Offenses?

Opposite of bailable offenses, non-bailable offenses involve crimes for which the accused cannot secure release through bail immediately. These offenses typically entail more severe charges that pose significant risks to public safety, national security, or both. Some examples of non-bailable offenses include serious felonies such as murder, terrorism, and certain drug trafficking offenses.

Defendants often face prolonged detention pending trial when they are confronted with a non-bailable offense. In these types of cases, seeking legal counsel becomes imperative to gain a full insight into your choices. While bail may not be an immediate option, experienced attorneys can advocate for pre-trial release or argue for reduced charges, in order to try to secure the best possible outcome for the accused.

Maneuvering Around Bailable and Non-Bailable Offenses

Regardless of the nature of the offense, confronting any type of legal challenges can be overwhelming for the individuals arrested and for their families. At Frank Calabretta’s Placer Bail House, our team understands the importance of providing compassionate, discrete support and reliable assistance throughout the bail process. Our commitment to serving our clients and their families extends well-beyond business hours, as evidenced by our 24/7 bail bonds services!

Find a 24 Hour Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

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