Opposing Non-Proven Preventative Detention Policies

Your Constitutional Right to Placer County Bail Bonds

The United States Eight Amendment provides that excessive bail should not be required. Placer County bail agents and bails bondsmen across the country support the many states that provide that all persons shall be bailable by sufficient sureties and bail bond companies. The right to bailbond forces judges to create the right balance in each case, and should absolutely be kept. Bail bonds is often a third-party provided benefit, and thus the right to affordable bail also protects core constitutional rights of association and right to familial, spousal, and employment relationships.

Preventative Detention Policies

Placer County bail bonds agents stand strongly against the expansion of general preventative detention policies. Jurisdictions should not embrace the federal or Washington, D.C. systems of preventative detention, which do not work for the best of the community.

Preventative detention policies have been shown over time to erode constitutional rights, label persons as dangerous for which they may never be exonerated. Additionally, according to research, preventative detention policies are also ineffective at curbing pretrial crime and increases recidivism, or “the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend.”

In Placer County and surrounding areas, the expansion of preventative detention has been nothing short of astounding. The government is now filing motions seeking detention and ankle monitors in the majority of all people who are arrested. Such policies unnecessarily detain many persons who will appear in court and will not commit a new crime. In the federal system, more than 70% of all people are detained, up from 24% prior to the passage of the Federal Bail Reform Act of 1984. 

Exceptions for Enforcing Preventative Detention

Surgical and circumspect changes to preventative detention, constitutional provisions or state statutes might be warranted if a case can be made for a certain type of case or crime. For example if someone seeking a Placer County bail bond made a specific threat to a witness or victim which is proven by clear and convincing evidence, such an instance may form the basis for preventative detention for that case.

Placer County Bail Agents Oppose Preventative Detention Policies

No general preventative detention statutes or policies should be implemented, and legislatures should not be passing crime-of-the-week bills to impose detention when the clear need for it has not been demonstrated. We stand for constitutional rights and safety of the public.

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