How Safe Are You?

How Safe are You: The Most Dangerous Cities in America…A New Poll

Thankfully, Placer County remains one of the nicest areas to live in Northern California.  We are 40 miles east of Sacramento and two hours away from beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Do you live in one of the most dangerous cities in the country?  Today’s bail bond blog post shares a new poll from the FBI on cities in America with the most violent crime.

While violent crime rates have dropped nationally, there are still a few hot spots around the country that continue to lead in the area of violent crimes.  This new poll is based on data provided by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.  Unlike previous bail bond blog posts about dangerous neighborhoods that looked at smaller populations, this list is more broad and looks at cities with at least 200,000 residents.  While a California city was not identified as the #1 city, they still win the award for the only state with 2 dangerous cities in the top 10.  So here they are from 10 to 1…  Here we go.

#10  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

#9    Atlanta, Georgia

#8    Cleveland, Ohio

#7    Baltimore, Maryland

#6    Birmingham, Alabama

#5    Stockton, California

#4    Memphis, Tennessee

#3    St. Louis, Missouri

#2    Oakland, California

and the winner is…


Read the original story below which includes some details on each city.

Original article: Most Dangerous Cities In America 2013

Also watch this quick video of the list below:

Video of Most Dangerous Cities

Posted by: Eric Granof

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