Deter Burglars While You’re Away from Home

home decorated with Christmas lights

The holidays are fast approaching – and that means many people will be traveling and leaving their houses unattended. At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House in Auburn, California, we want to help you deter burglars if you plan to be away from home for the holidays. Follow these six tips for keeping your home safe while you are away. 


1. Be mindful of what you share on social media


If you plan to share pictures of a family vacation or trip away for the holidays we highly recommend you wait until you return from your vacation to do so. It might seem unlikely that friends or family members who follow your social media accounts would try to break in while you’re away, but you never know who else is seeing your posts. 


Whether it is a friend of a friend who overheard them talking about your trip,  or someone who randomly stumbles upon your social media profile if you have it set to public. Keep the details of your trip private until you return and if you do decide to post, it’s always a great idea to remove location tags from social media so people can’t see where you are at any given time.


2. Lock your house up tight


It might seem obvious that you should lock your doors before going on vacation, but don’t forget to secure the rest of your house as well. Dog doors, mail slots, sliding glass doors on second floors, tool sheds, and even windows need to be closed and locked so that burglars cannot reach in with a tool or remove a screen to enter. 


If you have an automatic garage door, you can take extra precaution by disconnecting the electronic opener and placing a padlock on the garage door track so that no one can open it. If you happen to have smart locks on your home, they can also help you to secure the house if you forgot to lock up or if you need to let a neighbor in for an emergency.


If you have a hide-a-key for emergencies in an obvious spot like under a fake rock or a doormat, it’s a great idea to remove it while you are away. You could give this spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend who can keep it in their possession just in case.



3. Let your home security company know you will be gone, or deter burglars by feigning an alarm system 


If you happen to have an alarm system, it’s a great idea to let your alarm company know that you will be away from home. If you don’t have an alarm system at your house, you can put up a fake security camera, motion sensor lights, and/or security company signs so that burglars will hesitate breaking into your house.


If you have the time and money, adding an alarm system to your home is an excellent option too. It also often gives you an extra discount on your homeowners insurance which is an additional benefit.


4. Make your house look like someone is home 


Get everything around the house in order before you leave for vacation, and even things like making sure your lawn is mowed and some holiday lights and decorations are in place (even if you will not be home for the holidays) can suggest that your home is occupied. 


Make sure your blinds, curtains, and furniture are not moved or out of the ordinary, and plug in different timers to various lights on the inside and outside of the house so that they turn on at different times of day. You can do the same with other appliances such as a television or radio to make it look and sound like you are home. 


You can also have a friend or neighbor “housesit” by checking on your house every few days, collecting your newspapers, packages, and mail so that they don’t pile up and attract unwanted attention.


5. Recruit trusted neighbors to be on alert


Let a few trustworthy neighbors know that you are going to be gone, and when you’ll be back. Have them check on your house every once in a while and provide them with a spare key so that they can make sure everything is as it should be. 


Besides giving them your emergency contact information, you can also let them know that they have permission to call the authorities if they see anything out of place or suspicious going on on your property while you are away.


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