Bail Bonds and Protective Parents

Thanks Mom: Mommy Turns Narc to Save Her Daughter

Friday, January 23, 2015

Today’s Bail Bond blog post is not about a bail bondsman bailing someone out of jail, but rather about a mom getting her own daughter thrown in jail.

A mother in New York did the unthinkable last year when he called the police and begged them to arrest her own daughter.  The mother wasn’t being vindictive or mean, but rather overly concerned.  Her daughter was a heroin addict and selling herself as a prostitute on the street.  The mother tried everything she could and reached a breaking point where she take it any longer and watch her 19 year old daughter slowly kill herself.  She finally wrote a letter to the police asking them to please arrest her daughter.  She couldn’t afford to send her daughter to rehab on her own, so she could only think of one way to get her daughter the help she needed.

The police set up a sting operation at a local hotel, and arrested the young girl.  Over a year later the girl is now drug free and the mother has her daughter back.  Could you have done the same thing?  Could you have turned your own daughter in to the cops no matter what the reason?

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