Wet and Reckless in California

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If you’ve made a mistake and gotten behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may find yourself with a wet and reckless California charge which can have a variety of consequences. 

If you or someone you love has been arrested for driving while intoxicated, some of your most common questions may include, “How many points is a wet and reckless in California?” and “What will happen to my insurance rates and driver’s license with a wet and reckless California charge?” At Frank Calabretta’s Bail House we want to help you understand the charges you or a loved one might be facing so that you can make the best possible decisions during this difficult time. 


What is a wet and reckless California charge? 

A “wet and reckless” is the informal name that is given to the crime when a person who is charged with a DUI pleads “no contest” or “guilty” during a plea agreement. In most cases, the prosecutor in the case agrees to drop the more serious charge of a DUI in exchange for the defendant pleading “guilty” or “no contest” to a charge of wet and reckless. The colloquial name simply stands for the crime of reckless driving. 


How many points is a wet and reckless in California?

If you’re wondering, “How many points is a wet and reckless in California?” there are actually two different answers depending on the situation and the type of vehicle. Points are values put on your California DMV record that show you were convicted of a crime. If you were driving a regular vehicle at the time of the offense, an additional two points is added to your record, but if you were driving a commercial vehicle at the time, the increased point value is 3.5 points.


Why take the plea agreement at all? 

There are many advantages to taking a plea agreement, and most have to do with the benefits of having a less serious “wet and reckless” California charge rather than a more serious “DUI charge” on your record. Some of the advantages of taking the plea deal include: 


  • shorter DUI school which typically lasts about six weeks
  • a lower fine amount
  • a typically shorter jail sentence
  • in most cases, no mandatory installation of an IID device (California ignition interlock device)
  • no mandatory court ordered drivers license suspension in most cases 
  • a shorter period of probation


What are the typical consequences of taking a wet and reckless plea agreement? 

While a wet and reckless is a less serious charge than a formal DUI charge, it still counts as a prior offense. That means that the defendant will be considered a repeat offender if he or she is convicted of a DUI within the next 10 years. Repeat offenders also face increased penalties for second or third DUIs. With even one wet and reckless on his or her record, the defendant is still likely to be treated as if they have a DUI charge by their car insurance company. This can raise their car insurance rates or even cause their policies to be canceled in certain cases. 

Finally, returning to the previous question of, “How many points is a wet and reckless in California?” the addition of two points on the driving record in California or 3.5 points if the crime occurred in a commercial vehicle is also a consequence of taking the plea agreement.


Let Us Help if You’ve Been Charged with Wet and Reckless in California

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