The Grass (marijuana) Is Greener On The Other Side

Is the grass greener on the other side and will that grass make you happier than the grass you currently have?  A question that many people grapple on a daily basis but today’s blog is about grass — literally as in marijuana.

As many of you know, we write this bail bond blog to share intriguing and most of the time funny stories about people doing dumb things and getting arrested.  While many of these topics might create the perception that we are just making fun of people, the reality is that we are trying to educate people.  This education is not just around the bail bond process and the real role of a commercial bail bondsman, but rather about what not to do in this crazy world of social media.

Today’s blog post is focused on a trending topic in the criminal justice system.  That topic…the legalization of marijuana.  The ongoing debate has centered around the pungent green plant’s ability to decrease crime or increase crime.  Many proponents of legalization swear that legalizing marijuana actually decreases crime (while at the same time increasing sales of sweet and salty snacks at 2:00 a.m.).  Opponents of the legalization swear that increasing marijuana use actually increases crime.  So who is right?  That is a really good question.  Just today, there were two separate stories published online.  The first story, out of St. Louis, was titled “Judge Says Legalizing Pot Fuels Juvenile Crime.”  On the other side of the fence, the second story, out of KSL News Radio in Utah is titled, “Legalizing marijuana may decrease violent crime, studies say.

So who is correct?  Which study tells the future of what legalizing marijuana might do to our public safety and our youth?  To us, the jury is still out (pardon the court room reference, but this is a criminal justice blog).  Anyway, at the end of the day, it comes down to what the people think…right?  So what do you think?  Legalizing pot is a good thing? Or  bad thing?  Comment below and share your thoughts.

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