Placer County Bail Bond Schedules

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Placer County Bail Standards

Placer County Bail Bond Schedules are set bail amounts that can be used to quickly and effectively set a bail amount for a defendant when judge is not present. Creating bailbond schedules is for the purpose of allowing for defendants release on nights and weekends when courts were not in session and also to facilitate and speed up the release process. Local Bail Bond bail schedules are typically developed by the judiciary (a panel of judges) in Placer County then reviewed and revised annually or another predetermined time frame. Placer County Bail Bond schedules are established at the first of the year.

Timely Release of Defendants

Several arguments have been made against Bail Bond bail schedules as being arbitrary money systems and unconstitutional. However, we believe these arguments to be without warrant. Bail Bond schedules are a legal extension of the judiciary system, and when set correctly their existence allows for the timely and expedited release of defendants. Individual consideration and bail setting by judges, however, is the typical standard in many states and done when resources allow.

DUI Bail Amounts in Placer County

The usual bail amount for a first time DUI in Placer County is $5,000, and if a defendant’s blood alcohol level is more than twice the California legal 0.8 % limit, the bail bond is increased to $10,000. For a Felony DUI, the Placer County Bail Bond schedule starts at $50,000. A felony DUI would include a DUI with accident, or multiple DUIs.

Limited Courtroom Resources

Courtrooms across the country face realities such as restricted resources. Having judges available around the clock on every day of the week would be helpful, but we just don’t have the means to make that happen at this time. Frank Calabretta’s Bail House supports the use of Placer County bail bonds schedules when necessary in order to release low-risk defendants in a timely manor.

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