CA Public Intoxication Laws (Drunk in Public)

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Public Intoxication California Penal Code

Placer County residents may think that they don’t have to worry about how much alcohol they consume when they are not at home as long as they don’t get behind the wheel and attempt to drive. While the choice to not drive after drinking is always a good one, that doesn’t mean you can get as drunk as you want in public without legal consequences. In California, there is always a chance that a night of heavy drinking at the bar could result in needing a Placer County bail bond after getting arrested for public intoxication.

The California Penal code 647(F) gives direction for public intoxication law enforcement:

California Penal Code 647f PC makes public intoxication a crime when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in a public place, to the point of being unable to care for your safety or that of others. This offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months of jail time and a fine of up to $1,000.00.

Placer County Bail Bond Fees for Public Intoxication

If you are facing public intoxication charges, you may be required to post a bail bond to secure your release from the Placer County Jail. Typically, the Placer County bail bond amount for public intoxication is $1,000.00, and the fee to a Roseville Bail Bond agency would be $100.00.

Public Inebriation Risks

The risks of being publicly inebriated don’t stop at a DUI charge, vehicle wreck, and personal harm. The following will give you an idea of what could happen if you risk being charged with public inebriation.

If you’re so out of sorts due to willingly ingesting alcohol or drugs that you aren’t aware of your surroundings and start walking down the middle of the road, you risk being arrested and charged with public intoxication. A person may also face criminal charges if they are intoxicated while out in public and start making threats or behaving in a dangerous manner. Disorderly conduct can happen more easily when someone is overly intoxicated in public, and one may end up disturbing the peace of others. Additionally, if you damage property while publicly intoxicated you will be liable to pay for the destruction.

A sheriff may allow you to sober up by placing you in what is referred to as a “drunk tank.” In California, police officers can hold a person up to 72 hours in “civil protective custody” for observation and treatment. Sobering up in civil protective custody is only an option where a drunk tank is accessible and if the police officer believes you will be easy enough to control.

What Happens if you are Charged with Public Intoxication

If you are charged with a criminal offense due to public intoxication, the Placer County Jail will wait for you to become sober before they start your booking process. Once your booking process is complete you can post bail and be released from custody. Frank Calabretta’s Bail House Bail Bonds is available 24/7 for Placer County bail bonds and our office is located Directly Across From the Placer County Jail.

Although this particular charge won’t impact driving history, the instance can show up in a background check and could potentially hinder opportunities in work, school, or living situations.

Public Intoxication while Underage

If someone under the age of 21 is convicted of public intoxication, they may lose their driver’s licence for one year. If the underage person convicted of public intoxication does not yet have a driver’s licence the court may order the Department of Motor Vehicles to delay issuing a driver’s license for one year after that person becomes legally eligible to drive. See the California Vehicle Code Section 13202.5 for further details.

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