Another Selfie Incrimination

Selfie Incrimination: Theif Takes Selfie and Without Even Knowing It

Wow! Have we been racing through 2014 or what?  As we continue to roll through 2014, it is pretty easy to see that the crime theme of the year is heading towards “selfie incrimination.”  Just in the past few weeks we have posted several stories about people posting selfies of themselves before, during and after committing crimes.  The fault in all the cases isn’t that the people take the pictures; it’s that they decide to share them on social media networks with the world.

This past week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a man took a selfie of himself while he was committing a burglary.  The crazy thing is that it appears that he didn’t even know that he was taking a selfie…probably because he didn’t take it.  Who or what did take it you ask?  The selfie was taken by the security camera that the man was stealing.  Yes, we said security camera.  According to authorities, the man stole two security cameras from a roofing company and while he was stealing the cameras the unplanned selfie was taken. Security cameras can now be hooked up to the internet so business owners can view them from wherever they are.  Cell phone, home computer, tablet — no matter where you are at you can still view whatever your security camera is hooked up to. Now we aren’t really sure why the man would steal a security camera…and we aren’t sure why he didn’t realize that the camera would be capturing everything he was doing (and it did) including a really good image of his face,  but then again, we aren’t experienced criminals. Rather, we are just humble writers of the nation’s largest and most popular bail bond blog.

As you can imagine, police aren’t sweating this crime too much since they practically have a shopping mall glamour photo of the suspect.  We assume that this camera stealing braniac will be behind bars starring in his own “jail time” drama very soon.  Read the original article and watch the video below.

Original article: Surveillance camera stunt leaves thief star of crime in OKC

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