Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day — Don’t forget to thank a veteran today and always for your freedom.

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Bail Bonds & Booze!

Hello Folks and Happy Friday!  We are entering into a 3-day holiday weekend.  Enjoy your weekend, be safe and don’t drink and drive.



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Bail Bondsmen Arrested in Bay Area Sweep

I am sorry to see this happen; however, it doesn’t surprise me, and I am sure this is a statewide epidemic with solicitation in county jails which we DO NOT participate in.  We have been in business for over 40 years, and value the rules and regulations set in place for our industry and follow them accordingly.  See article below:

More than 30 bail bondsmen targeted in sting

By Tracey Kaplan


Posted:   08/28/2015 06:12:57 PM PDT3 Comments

Updated:   08/28/2015 06:28:03 PM PDT

SAN JOSE – Bail bondsmen are allowed to troll for customers outside the courthouse, where inmates’ families and jail visitors constantly stream by. What they’re not permitted to do is to accept phone tips from inmates about fellow prisoners in order to drum up new business.  But that’s what authorities are accusing dozens of San Jose bondsmen of doing.   Thursday night, law enforcement officials descended on a strip of bail bond businesses along First Street near the Hall of Justice, armed with more than 30 felony arrest warrants, according to sources close to the investigation and witnesses who saw the action. It was not immediately clear how many licensed bail agents were arrested or from which companies.

 But the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office confirmed it has filed charges, which are public record, against the bail agents. However, prosecutors declined to provide a copy of the criminal complaint.The joint sting operation was run by the state Department of Insurance, which licenses bondsmen, and the District Attorney’s Office. At least a few other warrants will also be served elsewhere in the Bay Area.  Authorities consider bondsmen taking phone tips from inmates to be engaging in an unfair business practice. Among other problems it poses the risk that inmates will accept kickbacks from bail bondsmen, including money added to their commissary books.  Sources close to the investigation said the evidence against the agents includes recorded phone conversations between inmates and the agents. The investigation is continuing.  If the agents are convicted, they risk losing their licenses and/or paying a fine. They may also wind up serving time in jail, but how much, if any, depends on whether the charges are reduced to misdemeanors or not.   A spokeswoman for the Department of Insurance declined to comment.

Contact Tracey Kaplan at 408-278-3482. Follow her at Twitter.com @tkaplanreport.

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Bail Bonds & Finding Good


Friday, August 28, 2015

Bail Bonds and Finding the Good: What goes right in the criminal justice system everyday

If you are in the bail industry, like me, you probably read all the articles that are published in the media about our industry.  Unfortunately, most of these articles are about negative things.  For example, a couple weeks ago, a fugitive recovery agent in Arizona, broke into the wrong house looking for a fugitive defendant.  To makes things worse, the house belonged to the Phoenix Chief of Police.  This story hit every paper around the country.   Now don’t get me wrong, this situation is horrible and should have never happened, but what people need to realize is that this one story shouldn’t define the entire industry.  Because on August 4th 2015, the same day this was happening, approximately 14,000 other bail agents were doing a whole heck of a lot of good for the criminal justice system.  These 14,000 agents were ensuring that over 90,000 defendants around the country show up for court.  Unfortunately, you don’t see a lot of news stories about that.
Everyday bail agents all over the country are guaranteeing that the wheels of our criminal justice system continue to turn.  As the most effective form of pretrial release, bail agents in 46 out of the 50 states across the country, ensure the appearance of those accused of a crime in court.  Why is this important?  Because when the defendant shows up for trial, the system gets a chance to work.  The defendant gets a chance to tell their story.  The people get a chance to tell their story.  The potential victim(s) gets a chance at justice.  And most importantly, the defendant isn’t out in the community committing additional crimes.
Unfortunately, the media misses the opportunity to share the reality of this misunderstood business.  Instead, they gravitate towards promoting the dark, swarthy, crooked images that have been created and promoted by Hollywood, reality television and crime novelists over the years to sell more tickets, ratings and books.  In addition to getting the image wrong, the majority of stories about the bail industry get the facts wrong too.  From stories about one-off incidents like the one in Arizona to more mainstream politically motivated stories about “bail reform” the bail industry is rarely portrayed in a factual way.  For example, when describing why jails are crowded, these stories claim that defendants are stuck in jail because they can’t afford a $3000 bond.  What they don’t explain is that a $3000 bond would only require that the defendant come up with $300 to be released.  Additionally, in today’s competitive bail market, with payment plans widely available, that defendant has the ability to be released for even less than that as long as they agree to a payment schedule.  Also, what these stories never mention are the countless studies that have been conducted around the topic of pretrial release that all prove that it is the most effective way to ensure a defendant’s appearance in court.  Not just one study, but dozens of studies, conducted by government entities, educational institutions and private parties, that all come to the same conclusion, bail works.  The only problem is that the effectiveness of bail doesn’t align with the “soft on crime”. “hug a thug” political narrative driving the bail reform movement today.  So instead of reading about the truth and the facts, we get the glorified drama and negative spin.
What many people don’t realize is that, love them or hate them, bail agents play an essential and effective role in the criminal justice system.  At no cost to taxpayers, they hold defendants accountable and help ensure justice is done for all parties involved.  Yes there might be incidents that portray the industry as “bad”, but the reality is that there is a lot more “good” done in one day by bail agents than you would ever think.
Imagine if we judged all professions in the world like we do the bail bond industry, just by the negative stories we see in the media.  Is it fair to say all teachers sleep with their students because a couple teachers did so?  Probably not.   Is it fair to say all professional athletes hit their wives because one did?  Probably not.  I think you get where I am going with this.
Bail is something that not a lot of people fully understand or have any experience with, but it is an industry that most will describe in a negative way based on what they see in the movies and read in the media.  It is time that people stop rushing to judgement when they hear the word “bail.”  Instead, they should make the effort to fully understand the role, the people and the effectiveness of the industry and base their judgement on the facts.  Because if people do take the time to understand this industry, I am confident that they will see how much the good does outweigh the bad and how important bail is to maintaining accountability and fairness in the American criminal justice system.
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Bail Bonds and Snapchat

Snapchat Captures: Hide and Seek Fail and Now He Needs Bail

Friday, March 27, 2015

snapchat captureRunning and hiding from the cops is one thing, but taunting them about it publicly is another.  Today’s bail bond blog post is about a fugitive that turned to social media to taunt the cops and paid the ultimate price.

This past week in central Maine, a man was playing a game of hide and seek with the local police.  The strangest thing about this particular game, was that the man was posting his location on social media for all to see while he was hiding.  Little did he know that the cops were also watching his social media accounts.  According to reports the man posted on Snapchat that he was home in Fairfield.  The police were tipped off to the information and showed up at the man’s house to arrest him.  When they couldn’t find him, the man decided to give them a clue (unknowingly of course).  The man posted again on Snapchat telling everyone that the cops were searching for him and he was hiding in the cabinet.  Minutes later the police found the man in the cabinet.  The lesson here is that social media is not like Las Vegas.  What happens on social media does not stay on social media.


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Bail Bonds & Drunk Man

This is one way to not get arrested for a DUI and not need a bail bond — call the cops for a ride home.

Drunk Man Calls 911 to Report Crash, Really Just Needed A Ride Home

Thursday, July 23, 2015

man arrestedWhile most people would call a cab if they needed a ride home after having a few too many cocktails, this 38-year-old decided he’d call the police.

Police said he called 911 twice to report a car accident, but it ended up being a cover story because he really just needed a ride home. After calling the first time and not having the cops respond fast enough (because they were handling actual emergencies), he called again to ask where the police were. Oh boy…

When the cops did arrive they were unable to locate the accident that was reported, but soon found the gentleman who made his true intentions known. He just needed a ride home.

The man was charged with falsely calling 911 and with improper behavior. Maybe next time this guy should call a friend, a taxi or Uber!

Read another bail bond: Man Busted for Charging iPhone on London Train

- See more at: http://www.expertbail.com/resources/expertbail-blog/drunk-man-calls-911-to-report-crash-really-just-needed-a-ride-home#sthash.NNBK3pyZ.dpuf

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Bail a Friend for Life

In honor of National Friendship Day go out and “Bail a Friend for Life” by adopting a pet at your local shelter today.

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Bail Bonds & Prop 47

The below article is one good reason why “bail” should be the first priority of release, and that it is at not cost to the taxpayers and ensures public safety through the 8th Amendment of our constitution.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says a recent change in law that makes certain drug and property crimes misdemeanors instead of felonies is a “significant” reason for an increase in county crime and has taken away the incentive for people to seek treatment for addiction.

McDonnell spoke about Proposition 47, among other issues, in a lengthy interview with The Associated Press on Thursday.

He says the state law passed in November prevents authorities from leveraging the threat of a felony charge to get people into treatment. He says treatment rolls are down 60 percent throughout the county, leaving people on the streets to offend again to feed their habits.

Overall, violent and property crimes spiked by 12.7 percent, while violent crime rose over 20 percent overall in the first six months of the year, compared with the same period last year, according to Los Angeles Police Department data.

McDonnell also spoke about the use of body cameras, impacts of voters potentially legalizing marijuana, and public trust in police.

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Bail Bonds and Big Dogs

Hello Everyone!  Today is National Hot Dog Day, so go out and get yourself a giant, delicious hot dog celebrating one of our nation’s favorite foods!

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Bail Bonds & Memorial Day

From Frank S. Calabretta’s Bail House Bail Bonds, Happy Memorial Day!  Be safe and enjoy your 3-day weekend.  Remember to thank a service person for your freedom.  Here is Chelsea Zimmerman, US Army Reserves  – THANK YOU, for your dedication and hard work.

Chelsea Zimmerman

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